Sunday, October 26, 2014

LeClaire, Illinois~Second Quad Cities Adventure, Day One

Hey guys! Been awhile. What with the move and the family trip, then playing catch up, well, I've been quite busy. I've been getting well settled, and I applying for jobs again, thank goodness, now that I'm in a position to dedicate myself to one again. My top hopeful is Starbucks. Fingers crossed!

  Finally, to share the family trip to the Midwest! We went back to Illinois to see the fall colors, and see family again. The autumn colors did not disappoint either. So, over the next few days I'll be sharing all the different things that we did, and the shots I took of scenic beauty over the Mississippi. (Whenever someone says scenic beauty, aside from the literal meaning, I have a scene in my head from OUAT where someone says it and sounds rather goofy. One of the reasons why I use it).  

    As for news, I plan on doing two more giveaways this year, one around Thanksgiving, and one around Christmas. So keep an eye out for the prizes I'll be providing! And I am again selling on both Etsy and Ebay, with tons of new gorgeous things being put up! Here's a couple pieces:

purple pearl stack bracelets

natural handmade shell necklace

medallion fashion necklace

  Without anymore ado, here's the pics of the trip! Enjoy! These are of our first day, shortly after we finally got to the hotel. We're so lucky that it's right next to the river. It's the same one we stayed at earlier this year. Beautiful setting, honestly.

hotel front leclaire illinois

hotel front leclaire illinois

centennial bridge leclaire illinois
leclaire illinois river houses

leclaire illinois river houses

autumn colors leclaire illinois

riverfront leclaire illinois

mississippi river leclaire illinois

speedboat hovercraft pic
I found this so cool--looks like a hovercraft, or something from StarWars. ;)

hotel river view leclaire illinois

  That's it of the first day at Le Claire! Hope you enjoyed the post, and more is on the way!

  ~Miss Cocoa Latte

Sunday, September 21, 2014

To Things New and Old

  The move is over. And I am incredibly glad it is. I'm ready to settle in, which will take a few more days, but good progress has already been made. And I can't stress how excited and grateful I am about this change! WHOO!
  New things to look forward to. That's one of the best things of life. I've finished much already, and I'm working on more projects, new and old (inevitably). And my biggest prayer is that I'll be able to find a job that'll enable me to move out and actually get into that Film School that I've been looking at for a long time. There's much to do in the interim, but--I can't express how badly I want to get into film. And I'm so eager to see how the coming months play out. I'm still working on my various stories, and I often wonder what course they themselves will take in the future. Most every writer has "those stories" that got pushed to the back, never were heard about, as other stories were imagined and brought to fruition, and actually made it. I wonder what of my work will make it.

Because make it I will.

  But in light of all the new things I'm looking forward to, here's some pictures from the old place. I caught some really beautiful moments just before the move. And I'm so glad of that. And the day before the move I had my last walk around the field. It was so autumny, and I watched the sun rise over the field. It was covered in dew, and was so lovely. There's nothing like watching the sunlight over the countryside to take you out of yourself. Give you peace.

  But that does not compare to what we saw yesterday morning, as we made our way back to the old house to do the final cleaning. The sun was coming up and the sky was overcast, foggy--the sun just shone like a deep desert-orange over the horizon, as as we got to the outskirts of town and all around was the fields, we saw the mists laying over the land, right beneath the orange fiery glow. You better believe we were kickin' ourselves for not having our cameras on us! I'll never forget that last incredibly gorgeous image. What a blessing. 

  But without more ado, here's the photos I promised. 

autumn butterfly lilacs

autumn butterfly lilacs

autumn butterfly lilacs

dragonfly wings dew

summer lilacs

butterfly garden
I can't tell you how much I'm going to miss my sunflower garden...I've heard it's commonly desired to be buried with roses, but I want wild sunflowers. They're my favorite flowers. Simple, wild, free--so happy and vibrant and they grow in splendid chaos over the countryside.

white licorice rose, white/yellow rose
Emrys has bloomed splendidly over the season. Just had a bought of about eight blooms!

autumn butterfly lilacs

autumn butterfly lilacs

field beetle
I have no idea what kind of beetle this is. I was actually able to catch a few shots of it as it was flying, and then got to see it go in its burrow! First time I've been able to catch one in the act! ;)

texas field beetle

texas field beetle
Getting into its burrow.

texas countryside
The field. I'm going to miss my long country road walks very much.
texas light purple wildflower
One of the myriad wildflowers.

texas falcon feather
I'm pretty sure this is a feather from one of the red-eyed kites that nest around my old neighborhood, but not sure. Might be one of the falcons that hang around. It's beautiful though.


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Things That Will Be Coming

  Well, the giveaway is finished! Congrats to the winners Brittany, Karen, and Amanda! And thank you to those who participated!! Doing giveaways is very fun, and I'm planning another in time for the holidays. What fun! Keep an eye out for that!

  Autumn is definitely here. It feels wonderful. And so much has happened the last couple weeks, my head is still whirling, and it's not even finished. I'm really hoping that this move to another place will open up some job opportunities, and by this time next year I'll be saving for a place of my own. And for a car. Let me tell you, it's very inconvenient not having a car. But all in the Lord's timing--I'm willing to work hard and just be grateful for things to happen as they will. As long one is always working hard toward their goal, there's no fault in how long it takes.

  I'm making progress in my personal projects. Been embroidering and sewing, keeping my hands busy. My ebay auction has finished, but I'll be starting again later this year, when things have quieted down. In October one of my articles will appear in another edition of Femnista, a great magazine created by Charity Bishop. I had a previous article published in it in the August edition, about the movie The Patriot. I'm going to be getting more writing done over the next few days. Hopefully some real progress will be made. One never knows what will remain in the end, during revisions. And when is the time to stop? Now that is a good question.

  I'll be working towards making my poetry book A Road to Count My Days By available in print through Createspace, in a couple months. Hopefully before the year is out it will be available!

  ~Miss Cocoa Latte

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Transcendence Desings Giveaway and Ebay Jewelry Blowout


 I'm sorry it's late, my computer was acting up. I hope everyone has a great time at the giveaway. I'm giving away three jewelry items from my Etsy shop, Transcendence Designs. I'm also running a mass sale on Ebay for leftover inventory, and some new items as well! Great deals there, so don't forget to check it out! Many are as low as $.99! Plenty of beach-themed items as well, if you love your beach bohemian bling. Here's the link!

  And for my Etsy shop, I have a 50% off discount code! Here it is, just use it at the checkout! BIGSUMMERBLOWOUT2014.

  Everyone have FUN!

beach bohemian jewelry giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

  ~Miss Cocoa Latte

Treasure Tromp

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Three Things to Look Forward To

  I realize that I am feeling rather expectant at the moment. All at once I was thinking of several things--the fact that I am impatiently waiting for the next Poirot episode to air online on PBS Masterpiece, the fact that my giveaway is just right around the corner, and the fact that...Starbucks is releasing their Pumpkin Spice latte EARLY. The 25th!! AGH! Whoowhoo! Those five bucks in my wallet are glowing with consecration. They have a sacred purpose now. Now, if only time would go just a teensy weensy bit faster....

  Who else is waiting for the seasonal flavors that Starbucks delights us with? Sigh...I am so ready for the holidays. So very ready. Bring on the cheer and Christmas songs in Starbucks.

  For those who perhaps haven't seen my latest post, Tiffany from Endless Bliss and I are hosting a giveaway in a few days for three of my jewelry pieces, as well as sharing some goody news. And don't forget, I have a HUGE sale going on at Ebay! So many goodies for great bargains there. So if you like bargain hunting paired with jewelry, decor, and books, be sure to check it out here


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Come Live With Me Laughs~Just Propose, and There You Go!

   I wanted to post something funny, and just the other day I had the perfect thing--now if this doesn't make you laugh, I don't know what will. Come Live With Me is a cutesie, humorous movie--a good film to watch when you just need something simple and funny to make you laugh. Especially when something recent has made you especially sad.

  My ebay auction for is still going on! Everything, and even new items, are up for bidding and sale for great discounts! There's even some books, and decorative figurines that I'm putting up for a sister of mine, in case you're interested. All are in really good condition.

ebay jewelry auctions

ebay jewelry auctions

ebay jewelry auctions

ebay jewelry auctions

green pearl and silver dangle earrings

   These are a couple of the other miscellaneous things for sale.

may birth month girl figurine

growing up enesco girl year 8

nancy drew book set
geometry of sisters luanne rice book

baby enesco growing up girl figurine

the south beach diet book ebay

  That's all for now! Hope you guys had a laugh. ;) Who doesn't love Jimmy Stewart?


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Remembering Robin Williams: The Joy of My Childhood

robin williams remembered
  I was stunned this morning when my mom gave me the news. For a moment I thought I wasn't hearing right. Robin Williams is dead? The man who I was always eager to watch as a kid, and even as an seems incomprehensible. But the first thing that went through my mind--after the thought of what his family must be feeling--was the realization that I wasn't off the mark when I had recently seen a picture of him on the red carpet or at some other photo shoot, and I had thought he looked sad. I don't really look up celebrities--not much. I tend to study other things. But still...the news shocked me. And like many others, it's been a sad day.

  My brightest memories of his work are when, as a child, I'd be visiting one of my dad's friend's house, and I'd be able to watch their Jumanji movie, on VHS. I knew Robin Williams first as Mrs. Doubtfire, (he really won me over, he was just so likeable) as Peter Pan, and as the Genii in Aladdin. Anything new I saw, I was always excited to see more of him. More of his joy, his funniness--his own personality. He was the type of person that you just wanted to give him a hug, I felt.

  On Fox News, on The Five they were talking about how Robin Williams had said before that when a celebrity commits suicide, or dies--I don't remember the exact phrasing--many of them are mythicized.  But I think it is safe to say, that so many people aren't going to be exaggerating when they say that he was such a kind, generous person, and he freely gave of what joy he could. He made us laugh. That's a gift, isn't it? To be able to make people forget for a moment all the trash that goes on, and laugh until our bellies hurt--or even, as he said in his own words, to take the dark and the absurd and to turn it into something you can laugh at. As a means of dealing with it.
robin williams remembered

  I think it is believable that so many comedians are often depressed--I wonder, from a bit of personal experience that isn't even of the same depth, if they ARE so funny because they are desperate to find lightness where they see the dark. To find a way of escape. It's a coping mechanism that they share, getting their joy from actually making others genuinely laugh. I know I love making people laugh. To inspire others, to give them joy--that is an incredible gift to have for yourself as well as others.

  I spent today thinking over and over again how just the day before yesterday my family and I were watching RV, wherein Robin Williams plays the dad trying to reach his family once again after getting caught up in his job, and I thought then, "It would be so cool if someday I was able to meet Robin Williams and tell him how much I've enjoyed his movies since I was a kid. How they always made me laugh, and I was excited to see something new--I was always excited to see what joy he'd show me." And little did I know what would happen the next day. I just can't imagine what his family is going through.

  It's a sad time for all of us. But we'll all remember and love that crazy manic man that is impossible to forget.

  Robin Williams, we'll remember you. And you'll always be my Peter Pan.

robin williams death, family pictures