Monday, July 21, 2014

I...Nope, I've Got Nothing~But Then Again

autumn pansy
You know, pansies make me think of little friends, for some reason. So small and sweet. Throwing colors in little spaces.

I keep telling myself that I need to post more, but frankly, lately, I've got nothing. I'm just working hard. Reading and writing and making sure I work in some laughs, if I can. I'm jogging along my road, hoping that there's a bend somewhere, but meanwhile I'm still just writing, just reading. I'm sorry if I consistently go silent for a couple weeks at a time. It's just that really--not much is going on.

  The best news at the present, I'm very proud of all the muscle I'm developing from my exercise. I'm the strongest I've ever been. That counts for something.

  Now to get back to my personal list of to-dos. Wish me luck!

  What are you guys accomplishing at the moment?

       Miss Cocoa Latte (currently having finished her chai, and rather wanting another one).

Treasure Tromp

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Agh, To Be Bored

Oh no! I'm bored! Again! Heaven have mercy on my soul--have mercy on my suffering!

Agh, to be bored....

So much to do, as always...there's always things to do. They've been done, progress is okay, things rolling on...but come on, life--where is something spontaneous? I'm back at my desk again, writing letters to characters again, (metaphorically) yet...throw something at me, please. A moment ago, when I sat down at my desk and thought about what could be done but was not enthusiastic about, it reminded me of a post I did last year, and a scene from Sherlock popped up in my head. (You can read the post here).

Gunshot bored...I think I need to coin that phrase.

  I could get a shirt for myself that says "Gunshot bored" on one side, and "Please shoot me" on the other. But then, we do live in a crazy world. Perhaps someone would take me seriously. That would be terribly inconvenient. I haven't even gotten out the front door yet. I have so many things to see.

  Well, I can't say that I'm going to fix my problem tonight. I did get a bit of amusement out of trying to make you laugh. And yes, I'm taking therapy by watching the commentary of A Study In Pink. Hey, leave me alone. I admit it, I like my Sherlock. It's brain food.  :)  

  So, I'll be going. Leave me to my Sherlock.

Perhaps it'll stimulate some brain work. A bit less bored now...but if any of you have a wall to shoot at, and time to kill, don't hesitate to holler back. We all need partners in crime.


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Downright Gorgeous--All That Needs To Be Said

  Not much needs to be garden is GORGEOUS, and I'm sharing the pics with you today! Enjoy!

yellow white rose
My rosebush--named Emrys. It's quite a lovely, spunky rosebush. Funny story though--I couldn't figure out the scent at first. I kept smelling it, going by--thinking it reminded me of a sort of candy. Finally the revelation. "Oh, you idiot! It's called White Licorice for a reason!" It smells like black licorice. Got a good laugh.

gerbera flowers

gerbera flowers

yellow white rose

sunflower garden

white cyclamen
My white cyclamen and...impatiens. I'm looking forward to how it will look once they're big.

summer/fall garden flowers

tiny petunias
This was the best flower combination that I've seen in the cute ladybug pot.

coneflower pictures
These are planted by the sunflowers.

royal purple gladiolus

royal purple glads

royal purple gladiolus
The color is just simply stunning--I just couldn't get enough of it. I need to get a dress in this color.

balloon flower

white rose vase

orange red pansies
You can just barely make out the lavender-pink petunias they were planted with. Aren't they lovely?

summer garden picture

pink gladiolus

  Just wanted to share the loveliness. ;)

  ~Miss Cocoa Latte

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Listen To My Dreams: They Make Me, or Kill Me

dream quote pic tolkien

  Valleys are an undeniable part of life, and there's no mercy either when it comes to one's creative process. That inner, sacred stream is ever vulnerable. It can take a dive at any moment--going full steam ahead then crashing down. You find that it just hit a barricade.

   I have too many valleys--but then I would say that. Any writer would say that. But what I find so invaluable is that the work of others can co easily re-inspire me--fill that part that just needs some fresh air again, stir that creative soup with a strong hand, so the good things don't just settle to the bottom.

 (You know...I think this is the first time I seriously used a cooking metaphor...hmm. I've obviously been having food on my mind. What I need right now is more food for thought).

  What shows, movies, books--what so moves us? What about them, even with their vices and irritating problems either in style or lack of it--(just insert your own pet peeve, there are many)--can touch us so easily, make us smile again when just a few minutes before we were feeling like the world was incredibly dull and moving on without us? I find that so amazing--the power to make someone believe what is transpiring, to transport them in that moment, in that moment of cinema or swiftly read paragraph; that power is so potent, and perhaps, a reflection on the greatest gift one can have. To make another believe in something more than what they experience, or perceive. Help them see things through a slightly different lens. Help them to even dream.

What do you dream? 

  My dream is to be able to touch people, to INSPIRE them. Through the vast, limitless possibilities of the moving picture, and the words splayed like bled thoughts to show how much they were real. I want not to just transport them, not just entertain them--really, truly, inspire them. That deepest touch, transmitted like the embrace of the closest friend, or the keen lance of enlightenment, can change the world. The world is what and who we are, every individual; we are the masters. We are the movers. I want to be someone who makes people realize that. I want to provide a my own, unique set of lens. I want to see what truth I can share--not only how it changes people, but how it changes me.

  I talk all the time about how much I want to travel to other places, to see things, learn from people, to get to know what it means to live next to their own neighbors, to see how their culture has shaped them. I dream of finally getting enough money together to attend a film school. I dream of publishing another book, and actually hearing back from someone that they were so touched by it, and that it made them laugh.

  I often wonder when on earth I'll ever be able to do that. I struggle so much in just bringing together the most meager necessity in making that possible. Often, it's hard to keep faith. 

  Sometimes I think it's those that want to inspire others that need to be inspired most. 

  It is so hard, to have a dream, and seeing the years tick by like your life just wants to keep moving on, but leaving you and what you're fighting for behind, in a heap of breathless labor and endeavors. A pile of shards of what might have been. Is the evidence of a true dream the evidence of something relentlessly defended when nothing shows that it will ever come to fruition? Will my dream always be just that--something that just sustains me...but might not come true?

  I think a dream is a dangerous thing.

  I think a real dream has the power to keep us alive in the way we need most, but it also has the power to destroy us, when we realize that failure and long years are closing in. So many have had life dump on them, despite everything they did to fight for what they desired. But unlike some people, I don't see a reason to quit--I see a reason to keep on, because I have no reason to try any less than them. And dreams have to come true once in a while at least, to keep hope burning for the masses, the belief that things are endlessly possible. Anything worthwhile must also have the possibility of being lost.

  I'm writing this at a time of no promise. I have no indication of success, or that things will turn around. Just a wild, passionate, belief of pure love that my dream is worth it, and if I succeed, it will be worth it to others. I'm the laborer with holes in their pockets but many blessings still backing them, and a belief if they keep working, and keep walking, things will be better in the next town over.

  I'm not sure what I set out to do, when I sat down to write this. I was just watching a recap of one of my favorite shows, but that recap, that look into life as they represented it, really gave me the breath of fresh air that I needed. I'm not sure exactly what you might take from this, but I hope I did some good, and that I spoke true. 

          Miss Cocoa Latte

P.S. Soon I'll be posting an update about Candace from The Great Affair! Don't miss out on that! She has just spent the last couple months living in a yurt, and it has been so much fun to learn of her life there. Life comes and goes, and she headed for something new.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Rockin' the Road: The Road That Leads To Home

The final trip home...this is the last of my pics from my recent trip to the Midwest. I was ready to get home, as I missed my own familiar land, but in some respects I wasn't. I knew it would be a long drive, and there are just some days where you just really don't feel like being in close quarters. But there were still some laughs along the way, and a few decent pictures of the scenery. The Midwest is definitely different from the South. We stopped in Columbia, MO, for a night's rest, and then the next day we just drove straight home. What awaited at the end was interesting.

Midwest road trip
The first morning of our drive back.

Midwest road trip
Morning sunrise. I just loved these shots--they were so beautiful, peaceful. It inspired a poem that I quickly penned down, which I will share near the end.

Midwest road trip

Midwest road trip

Midwest road trip
Sunset on the road. Aren't those colors beautiful?

Midwest road trip

Midwest road trip
I had to chuckle when I caught this shot by accident.

Midwest road trip
At this moment...we're lost. Not a peaceful time inside the car. So I focused on the scenery.

Midwest road trip
This was a flowering tree (not sure what type) right beside where we finally parked at our hotel in Columbia, MO. Not what I was trying to capture, but it is an interesting pic, I think.

Midwest road trip flowering trees
Next morning at our first gas stop the next morning, I was allowed to get out and capture some photos of these flowering trees. They may be apple trees--I know apple trees have white blossoms, but I don't feel knowledgeable enough to actually say so.

Midwest road trip flowering trees
When I see simple beauty like this, I wonder what God must have been thinking when he created flowers.

Midwest road trip flowering trees

Midwest road trip flowering trees

Midwest road trip flowering trees

Midwest road trip flowering trees

Midwest road trip
It was a long drive home, but the scenery helped with the crampedness. And the frappacino helped too. ;)

Midwest road trip

Midwest road trip
Finally, the landscape of home. Beauty to my eyes.
window rain drops

window rain drops

southern skies
We got a bit of rain on our arrival. What a blessing! It was beautiful to watch, and to see the drops on the window....

southern skies

southern skies

window rain drops

prairie rain

prairie rain

prairie rainbow
And to come home to a double rainbow! How awesome is that?

prairie rainbow
It was huge!!

rainbow reflection
Isn't the reflection amazing?

rose leaves
I came home to the plants doing well, having got a brief rainfall. I was very grateful for that.

Now if that isn't incredible, I don't know what is. Now that's called a welcome home!

* 5/24/14  note: I accidentally forgot to post the poem! But here it is. Thanks Lizzie, for reminding me!


Oh, that I could but step out
Into the forest edge,
And rest in the serenity
Of their quiet morning shadows.
I would that you'd give birth to me there
In the rising sun's sympathetic rays
That spread and weave like golden water
Round ageless, stalwart boles
And whispering rivers, ancestral voices
Calming me into soothing tranquil sleep.
May be, that my spirit will rise
Like the peeling paleness of slender birches
Finding the breath of life overhead.
Perhaps then, as the morning continues to rise
I'll find my own wings amidst the shades
Of gold, and shadow.

  ~Miss Cocoa Latte 

P.S. For those of you who haven't seen the interview post with Rachel from Hippie In Heels,(who is living in India!) here it is! It was enormous fun and it was great getting to know her! Here's the link!

hippie in heels camel safari